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Septic Tank Installation in Miami

Septic Tank Installation Miami Septic tank installation in Miami is a pretty straight forward process but homeowners need to be aware that there are codes, regulations and zoning ordinances in place to ensure the entire septic system is installed correctly. To make sure that these rules are followed and the system is suitably designed for the property in question it is a good idea to hire a designer or contractor who is very familiar with all local, state and federal codes.

In fact the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has put into place a set of guidelines that must be followed by anyone installing or replacing a septic system. Following these standards will ensure the proper installation of a worry free system that will last for a good 20 years.

Installing a septic tank is not a do-it-your-self project. EPA regulations require that only licensed contractors install or repair septic systems in Miami. All designs and plans also need to be approved by local health or building departments. Once the installation is complete the system must be inspected and passed by a building inspector.

The EPA code includes how far from not only your home but also neighboring properties and homes the septic tank should be located. It also needs to be placed away from any drinking water source. The drain field also must meet certain specifications dependent upon the size of the tank and the properties of the soil on the property.

There are also regulations concerning how deep the tank can be placed. Sewer gases may escape into the atmosphere if the tank is placed at too shallow of a depth. This can cause annoying odors for not only you but your neighbors as well. You also don’t want it buried to deep as this can cause issues if repairs or maintenance needs to be done. Most septic tanks are buried at around three feet from the top of the tank to the finished grade.

As was stated earlier a good designer/contractor can help any homeowner navigate the rules and regulations necessary to ensure a proper installation. It is also a good idea to get design quotes from two or three different installation companies to compare prices and design ideas. Most installations are pretty straight forward but getting several opinions and quotes will help make sure that you get a properly designed and installed septic system.

Any good Miami septic tank installation will begin with the design process. A properly designed system will meet all current codes and regulations and will be integrated with the design of the home before ground is ever broken.

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