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Top 3 Ways To Avoid Septic Problems & Repairs

Avoid Septic Problems There’s no way to ignore the fact that your septic system is integral to your household. The plumbing that makes up such a significant part of your daily routine depends on a functional septic system.
It’s great to have a reliable resource like United Septic and Grease Services around to promptly and professionally take care of your septic tank repair, but aiming to avoid emergency repairs is even better. Our goal is to provide you with superior installation and maintenance and educate you about preventing repairs so your system is always at peak performance for you and your household.

Expert Tips To Prevent Septic Problems

Some problems are going to happen no matter what; there’s no way to avoid them. However, savvy and diligent homeowners are often able to prolong issues like emergency septic repairs while maximizing the performance and longevity of your system.

  1. Keep up with maintenance and septic cleaning
    The best way to keep your car running is to schedule tune-ups – your septic system is no different. Tune-ups, inspections, and septic cleaning is all part of the integral preventative care plan for your septic system. It’s easier and more cost-effective to handle preventative maintenance than emergency repairs.
  2. Avoid the wrong things going down your drains
    So many common problems cause big issues for your septic system, from grease down the kitchen drain to kids’ toys down the toilet. If it belongs in the trash or just not in your plumbing lines, take measures to prevent it from ending up there. Familiarize yourself with what should go through your drains, garbage disposal, or commode, and keep the rest out!
  3. Prevent tree planting near drain field
    It’s great to have a yard filled with large, healthy trees, as long as they’re not in a precarious spot that could interfere with your plumbing. Tree roots are notorious for causing intrusion in lines or knocking tanks out of place. When planning your landscaping, keep this in mind, and make it a point to keep limbs pruned to avoid overgrowth for the roots.

For more advice from industry experts, get in touch with United Septic and Grease Services. If you need to schedule septic tank repairs or cleaning in Miami, please call us immediately.

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