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Reviews For United Septic and Grease Services

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Septic can be messy but United keeps our establishment super clean which is of the utmost importance to a premiere sushi restaurant.

- Yohji H. |

I was so afraid of what was going on but thanks to the very informed Luis from United, he calmed me down, explained everything that was going on, cleaned our system and provided me with great service and ultimately, peace of mind.

- Ana C. |

They arrived so quickly and provided us with a long-term solution that saved us money!! Thank you for your help.

- John G. |

We wanted one-stop shopping and United was able to provide with all our needs including one bill per month!

- Joel G. |

I’m a new business and really appreciate your team going the extra mile to help guide me through the cooking oil process. Our needs have been truly taken care of and look forward to excellent service.

- Ralph L. |

Thanks for making my job easier by keeping everything in our health care facility super clean and eliminating the odors we previously had with the other company.

- Sherry R. |

…first time dealing with our new home’s septic. John at United was really helpful and got everything back in order. Thanks!

- Gary P. |

After my two year old thought it would be fun to flush one her favorite bath toys down the toilette, I was lucky enough to have already used United for a previous incident and subsequent solution. I didn’t hesitate in calling them again.

- Maggie V. |

Drain Fields? I didn’t even know I had one! It was the staff from United that guided me through the learning process and made the changes and repairs necessary for my family and I to return to enjoying our home.

- Jose R. |

We didn’t realize we needed an inspection for our latest improvement but luckily United was able to give us a timely inspection saving us enormous headache

- Charles K. |

If you are looking for Miami and Broward septic and grease services then please call 305-878-1885 / 954-778-0477 or complete our online request form.