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What You Need To Know About Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning In Miami

Miami Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Restaurants and other facilities like resorts and schools are regulated by building codes which require the installation and regular cleaning of grease traps. They should be installed in sinks, floor drains, and dishwashers.

This traps 90% of the grease, oils, and fats so that this type of waste is not discharged into the sewage system. A grease trap is also beneficial in preventing clogs and backups which are unsanitary and cause costly downtime for the business. Grease clogs can lead to problems requiring pipe replacement, a more extensive and costly issue.

When a grease trap gets full, it can let the substance flow into the plumbing system along with the wastewater where it solidifies. The grease trap needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogs, backups, pipe replacement, and code violation fines. Offensive odors and unsanitary conditions are a no-no for any facility that serves food.

United Septic And Grease Services has answered the call of many food service businesses in Miami. We regularly install and clean grease traps. We also deal with backups and pipe replacements because the facility didn’t maintain the grease trap properly.

Here are some tips to help you keep them in proper condition so you can avoid problems:

Grease Trap Don’ts:

Don’t put leftovers down the drain. Scrape leftovers into the trash from all plates, bowls, and serving platters before placing them in the sink. Insist that your kitchen staff follow this rule every time and be hard about it.

Don’t put fibrous materials into the drain. You may be tempted to throw egg-shells, stringy veggies, or potato peels into the drain. Don’t.

Never ever put oil, fat, grease, butter, lard into the drain even if you use detergent and hot water to wash it down. Put these in a disposal container like a coffee can and throw them away or give them away to people who want the used grease.

Don’t use Miami drain cleaning chemicals or put any other chemicals down the drain. They are not only bad for the plumbing components, they eliminate the bacteria within the grease trap that assists in separating the grease from the wastewater.

Grease Trap Do’s:

Do call a professional grease trap cleaning company to clean the grease traps and drains. Keeping this maintenance up is vital.

Do ensure the grease trap is cleaned on a regular schedule according to your specific restaurant needs. The disposal of grease varies according to how often fats, oils, and grease are used.

If you have questions or need Grease Trap Cleaning, please call our Miami grease service specialists at 305-878-1885 / 954-778-0477 or complete our online request form.