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Professional Real Estate Inspections and HRS Certifications in South Florida

Miami Septic inspection

UNITED SEPTIC & GREASE SERVICES offers full service State Inspections. Many don’t realize that even additions such as pools or sheds require a state inspection in order to complete their additions and thus be approved for various loans or property sales. While requirements are state specific, United has a team of highly trained and certified Miami septic system inspectors able to service a wide array of customers.

When do you need an Inspection or Certification?

  • New construction
  • Additions including pools, sheds, etc.
  • Purchase real estate
  • Refinance a current property
  • Good idea prior to placing a property on the market


  • Pump out of tanks in order to provide a proper inspection of tanks
  • Age of the system
  • Any prior repairs; if so, when
  • Condition and size of the system
  • Location of tank(s) and drainage areas
  • Number of occupants living or working on the property
  • Property’s primary function (Residential, Office, Factory, etc.)
  • Review of Records of Pumping/maintenance if available
  • Total number of systems on site
  • Was the system being maintained; if so, how

After checking these very important items a more technical inspection is performed. This includes:

  • Assess the condition of all tanks located on site
  • Current Type of Drainage area and its subsequent condition
  • Evidence of prior backups
  • Evidence of prior repair(s), was it permitted
  • If it has an alarm, verify if it functions properly
  • Inlet/outlet baffles
  • Pumps and all necessary components
  • Septic tank covers
  • Waste lines
  • Tank’s Sludge levels

Some inspections may require hydraulic load testing in order to assist with evaluating the condition of the septic system.

Once all the above has been completed our inspectors will make a final evaluation of the system and provide a written report that will include recommendations regarding any possible vital repairs to ensure your system will continue to properly function according to state guidelines.

Our South Florida Real Estate Inspections & HRS Certification Services

  • Septic Tanks
  • Septic Tank Inspection
  • Septic System
  • Home Inspection
  • State Inspection
  • Septic Tanks
  • Septic Service
  • Housing Inspection
  • Septic Tank System
  • Septic System Services
  • Septic Inspection
  • HRS Certification

Why South Florida Should Hire Us for Real Estate Inspections & HRS Certifications

The Miami septic experts at United Septic & Grease Services have over 30 years of experience in the industry and pride themselves on 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers get top notch septic services and State inspections at the most affordable prices. We provide 24/7 septic service to all South Florida home or business owners. United Septic & Grease Services provides professional commercial and residential septic services to South Florida residents and can handle any septic issue that you may experience.

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