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Why Drain Cleaning Is So Important

Miami Drain Cleaning With all the hype consumers are given in advertising, it’s no wonder that so many miss the real reasons a service is important. Drain cleaning service is no different.

Instead of telling you how great we are at drain cleaning service in Miami, we’ll tell you the real reasons why it’s important to you and your family.

Did you know drains and sewer pipes can harbor things like toxic black mold? Mold will thrive in your drains and pipes where debris accumulates. And where waste exists, so does bacteria. It especially loves dark, moist places where spores can reproduce.

How Drain Cleaning Kills Mold & Bacteria

There are different methods used to clean drains and sewer lines. Today, hydro-jetting is commonly used to power away all substances within the drains and sewer pipes. Nothing can stand up to the high-pressure water stream that is carefully used to clean drains.

Professional drain cleaning technicians have the tools and solutions to thoroughly rid your drains of any mold or bacteria.

Caustic home drain cleaners damage drains, connections, and pipes causing the need for repair or replacement. Weaker solutions don’t work at all. Safe drain cleaning by a professional is long-lasting, effective and avoids pipe replacement or repair.

Drain Cleaning Eliminates Scale Buildup

Do you wash your dishes in a dishwasher only to discover chalky white powder stuck to them afterward? This is lime scale. It is hardened lime that eventually produces a rock-hard clog in the pipes. It sticks to everything.

As it accumulates in the pipes, they narrow. Eventually, the entire fresh water supply system will narrow and finally fail. In sewer lines, the buildup creates clogs. It is also bad for plumbing connections and fixtures – a very costly problem.

To avoid these problems, call a professional for drain cleaning in Miami.

Frequent Backups? Avoid Them All Together With Drain Cleaning

As we mentioned, scale is a very sticky substance. It will stick to debris as water flows through the area. Grease, fats, and oils also congeal, creating a nice nesting place for everything to accumulate.

Sooner or later, these problems will start to affect the plumbing. The toilet often suffers backups because debris is constantly being flushed down.

Do you find yourself standing in scummy water while showering? Do you keep pulling hair out but still wind up with a slow moving drain in a few weeks? Professional Drain Cleaning gets rid of everything, offer you a fresh start with your plumbing in Miami.

Plumbing services can get costly the longer you wait to take care of them. Why not start with preventative drain cleaning to avoid problems?

If you would like to learn more about Miami Drain Cleaning Service, please call United Septic and Grease Services at 305-878-1885 / 954-778-0477 or complete our online request form.