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Functions Of Grease Traps in Miami

Miami Grease Traps The basic function of grease traps is to prevent fat, oil, and solids from reaching the drain of the kitchen and the sewer system of the municipality. Fat, oil, and solids may cause drain blockage leading to back flow thereby creating a severe pollution problem. Drain blockage due to washing down oily water in a kitchen sink can be massive during winter because the oil can coagulate as a solid Basic Functions of Grease Traps in Miami.

Fat, oil and grease are the major components of waste water in a kitchen. They will enter the underground sewage system if they are not intercepted earlier. This problem is particularly severe in restaurants because of the presence of large amounts of oily waste water that hardens and blocks the drains. They can arrest the oily stuff and avoid unnecessary expenditure in opening of pipes and cleaning them.

Commercial establishments like restaurants and commercial shops are required by law to install traps to ensure that the large amount of fats, solids, oils, and present in their waste water does not enter the sewer system. These traps are required to be installed on the sanitary waste water and kitchen waste fixtures. It is necessary to browse the websites of different one providers and choose the one that has the approval of the authorities. It is important to choose the right size and type of trap as prescribed by law, especially for restaurants and other commercial establishments. You also need to check the minimum frequency period when they need to be cleaned.

They are very useful in reducing pollution that can get back into rivers and lakes. The smaller ones just need to be cleaned manually at regular intervals and the accumulated one can just be disposed off in trash. However, larger units in underground systems need to be pumped out and the contents can be recycled.

Features of Grease Traps

A Miami grease trap or an intercepting device is shaped in the form of a box and is made from metal or plastic. It is installed between the kitchen sink and the main sewage system. It can be cleaned easily by hand and it is recommended that the cleaning be done regularly. If the cleaning is not done, the kitchen will end with an obnoxious smell because of the presence of oils and fats from poultry products. The work of cleaning them can be offloaded to the company doing the installation.

They are designed to function on kitchen sink outlets and as such they should not be used elsewhere like the runoff from showers or toilets. It is recommended that Miami restaurants use them even if they have a septic tank. You can install the trap either inside the building or outside. The traps which are installed inside need more frequent cleaning than the ones outside which are usually bigger. However, the traps outside do not cause as much disruption as those placed inside.

They are essential and not using one might lead to more expenditure than the money saved by avoiding their use. If there is a clogged drain in a public sewer line and if this gets traced to your kitchen, you might have to pay much more than the cost of the interceptor. It is therefore essential to install them. It is best to procure them from a reliable online source.

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