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Fall Septic Tank Maintenance Tips For Broward County Homeowners

Miami, FL Septic Systems If you’ve moved into a Broward County home with a septic system or have installed a new one and you’re not sure how to take care of it, there are a few fall septic tank cleaning and maintenance tips you’ll need to know. To help local homeowners in Broward County and the surrounding areas, our septic tank specialists at United Septic and Grease Services want to share the following tips about septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

Keeping up with the maintenance will go a long way to preventing plenty of frustration with backups, overflows, and clogs. It’ll also help you to avoid expensive repairs during the coming holiday season. Since fall will soon arrive in Broward County, here are several tips you’ll want to know about septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

Schedule Your Septic Tank Cleaning This Fall

One of the biggest concerns you’ll have as the owner of a septic tank is about sludge buildup. Getting the sludge removed and the tank cleaned out should be a concern this fall season. While a septic system is designed to dissolve organic waste, there will always be a sludge layer that needs to be pumped out of the system in order for the tank to continue working as it should.

As the tank fills with water, it becomes harder for the bacteria to break down the sludge so everything starts to back up into the leach field as well as the pipes that lead from the home. Fortunately, it’s easy to get rid of the sludge buildup, just contact our Broward County septic cleaning professionals for service before the tank gets too full.

Make Sure Any Necessary Septic Repairs Are Done Before The Holidays

We recommend getting your septic system inspected before the busy holidays. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of preparing Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner when the septic system fails!

If you’ll be disposing quite a bit of waste from the additional activities in the kitchen, bathrooms, and all the guests visiting, your septic system will be put under additional stress, so be sure to get any repairs done now.

Sometimes things break or fail even when we take good care of our belongings. If you do happen to wind up in an emergency situation this holiday season, all you need to do is take advantage of our 24-hour septic repair services offered to residential clients in the Broward County area. We’re here whenever you need us.

Fall Season Septic Tank Maintenance You Can Perform

Recognizing any trouble signs with how well your septic tank is performing before it gets too out of hand is important.

You’ll want to take a look at the ground area where the tank is buried as well as where the pipes would be buried and leading to the tank from your home. Examine the ground to look for soggy spots, signs of surface pooling, wet dirt, or thicker and greener grass growing in certain areas. This can indicate that you need septic cleaning or repair.

There are many things you should never dispose of in a septic tank because it’s either too hard or impossible for the bacteria to break down.

Here are several items you should never dispose of in your septic system:

  • Any type of fat, oil, or grease
  • Too much solid food waste
  • Diapers
  • Coffee grounds
  • Cigarette butts
  • Trash of any kind
  • Egg shells
  • Any type of chemicals or hazardous waste
  • Any type of non-biodegradable, inorganic materials

If you are looking for Miami or Broward septic and grease services, give us a call today at 305-878-1885 / 954-778-0477 or fill out our online request form.